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In today’s busy world, everyone is looking for ways to save time. In all areas of life, there must surely be several ways to shave a few minutes off of each routine. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning? After all, cleaning is one thing in life that cannot be avoided. It is a necessary, but often despised, chore! But there are some new and exciting ways to save you time and effort. It’s time to work smarter, not harder! Here are 5 revolutionary ways to keep your house cleaner, and save you time.


Have you ever spent an exorbitant amount of time trying to scrap dried-up cheese off of a cheese grater? Well, if you have, you will only ever want to buy pre-shredded cheese in the future! But sometimes, it is just better to grate your own. So next time you find a caked on mess, grate a raw potato through your grater. It should be clean in no time!


Crash!! Someone has broken a glass! No worries. After you sweep up the large pieces (and make sure no one walks through the kitchen barefooted), there are always tiny shards that are missed. It seems impossible to get it all cleaned up. For weeks, you have to worry about your children getting a little pieces of glass in their feet. Well…you don’t need to worry anymore! Take a slice of white bread, and wipe it across the floor. The bread will act like a sponge, and grab tiny shards of glass that had been missed. Then, just through the bread away!


The sheets manage to get washed…sometimes more than others. But what about your mattress? It is an overlooked area of your home that should receive more attention. After all, we spend more time in our beds than we do on the couch, at the dining table, or in our cars. From dead skin cells, to dust mites, to….well, other things we won’t mention…mattresses need to be cleaned. But they won’t exactly fit in the washing machine. And you don’t want your bed soaked with chemicals & toxins. That’s where MonoFoil comes in! All you have to do is spritz a layer of this microbial shield onto your bare mattress. Not only will it disinfect, it also deodorizes and keeps odors from returning. If you would like to add a pleasant & refreshing scent, spray a few drops of lavender essential oil that have been mixed with distilled water.


Have you ever regretted buying a pair of white sneakers? Even if you haven’t, chances are there are shoes in your home that have white accents…or at least they were white at one point in time. To get your tennis shoes looking new again, all you need is a scrubbing sponge and toothpaste. Using the toothpaste as your cleaning agent, scrub the areas of your shoes that you would like to restore to their former glory. If the sneakers are a little offensive to your nostrils, spray the inside with MonofoilD. The stink will disappear before your nose!


From time to time, even the cleanest refrigerators will get a little funky. When food spoils, or certain strong odors linger, and it can make your fridge stink! After an ice box has been cleaned out and wiped down, many people will turn to baking soda to absorb smells. But have you ever tried using newspaper to pull the smells out? All you have to do is crumple up several sheets of newsprint, and place several wads throughout your refrigerator. Replace the newspaper every day until the foul-smells are gone.

Hopefully these 5 tips, as simple as they are, will help to revolutionize your cleaning routine. Do you have cleaning techniques that help to save you time and money? Would we love to hear about them!