MonoFoil Pro Services has one mission: Get rid of mold and odors in your home or business forever. 


Mold and Odor Don’t Stand A Chance

MonoFoil Pro Services brings their groundbreaking mold and odor elimination technology to everyone, even the busiest home and business owner. The technology we use has been trusted by the Pacers, the LA Metropolitan Transportation System, Marian College, and The Walt Disney Company. Our goal remains the same as it was in the beginning: to keep people safe from harmful microbes without introducing toxins into the environment.

What’s unique about MonoFoil Pro Services?

MonoFoil Pro Services technology is the only technology formulated to get rid of mold and odor AND form a protective barrier on hard or soft surfaces that eliminates the ability for either to come back.

Did You Know...

The Indiana Pacers have had ZERO outbreaks of Staph and MRSA since the implementation of MonoFoil Pro Services

“If your program can’t do these basic things (hygiene) because they don’t have the time, or the money, they’ve got real problems. Programs may think that they can’t afford to implement MonoFoil. The truth is, you can’t afford not to.”

Dana Marquez

Head Equipment Manager, Auburn University

The Story Behind MonoFoil Pro Services

In 2009 a team of biochemists and military specialists set out to create a technology that would eliminate harmful microbes permanently on any surface. The original purpose of this research was to discover a way to keep soldiers’ uniforms odorless (and undetectable to enemies) and reduce instances of illness and infection. After years of work in the lab, they developed a technology that not only destroyed harmful microbes, but created a microscopic barrier of protection on any surface.

MonoFoil Pro Services now utilizes this technology to provide home and business owners the same protection. Our mission is to keep our customers healthy, happy, and breathing easy!


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