MonoFoil Products

Exclusive, unique technology, developed with your family in mind.

MonoFoil M

MonoFoil® M is designed to work as a Sustainable surface protectant. It is 10 times the protection of MonoFoil® D. Apply to all areas that you wish to have this unique coating that will work for you when you are not. It’s perfect balance of silane technology and natural ingredients make it as gentle as soap and water.

MonoFoil D

MonoFoil® D is a DAILY use disinfectant.  It’s also a Hospital-Grade Disinfectant, registered with the EPA. It’s color safe, and mild enough to use without gloves, providing an antimicrobial protective barrier to your treated surfaces that will work for you in between cleanings.

MonoFoil X

Get more for you money with this new concentrated formula. This 3:1 concentrate imparts durable biostatic activity to the surface of a wide variety of substrates. MonoFoil® X is effective against mold, mildew and algae as a static agent.

Apply Guard Pet Odor Eliminator

Apply Guard bonds instantly with odor molecules, destroying them in the process and sustainably inhibiting future odors while leaving surfaces smelling new for 24 hours and longer. Eliminates odors even if the area is re-soiled.

MonoFoil M Odor Eliminator

MonoFoil® M Odor Eliminator is designed to work as an all purpose odor eliminator and surface protectant.  Other odor eliminators are designed to eliminate the present bacteria and do not protect against incoming bacteria and associated odors. MonoFoil® M Odor provides a shield of protection. Spray it Once and say goodbye to bad smells. 

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