A mold outbreak in a home is a devastating event, and the feelings of stress and discomfort associated with it can be too much to handle. Homeowners just want to get their house and their life back to normal as soon as possible, and to not have to deal with anything like that ever again. Obviously, the first step in this process is to get the home remediated of the mold, to halt any further damage and potential health risks to family members. Is this where the process ends, though?

While many people might not realize, removing mold during remediation eliminates the current problem, but doesn’t protect against potential future outbreaks. Source issues can be addressed and dealt with, but underlying causes can go unnoticed and put homes at risk for repeat issues. For example, if a home is remediated for fire damage, the ruined materials are removed and replaced and homeowners don’t have to worry about a smoldering ember in the attic being forgotten about that could potentially set the house ablaze again.


With mold, though, once the spores are present inside a home, they essentially act as a smoldering ember that could ignite an outbreak in the future even after current visible mold is removed. Mold reproduces via microscopic spores, which are almost always present in the air. Even if your indoor air quality is fantastic, there are still trace amounts of mold spores. It’s practically unavoidable. Current remediation practices do nothing about this potential issue in the future, and the responsibility thus falls on the homeowner to be proactive.


Where do homeowners turn to create a happy, healthy home again after a mold outbreak, with the comfort of knowing nothing like that will ever happen again? MonoFoil Pro Services is committed to getting you back to this position. We understand the stress of feeling at the mercy of your own environment, especially at home. Dr. Julie Quigley, Ph.D. endured a scenario with her daughter when they suspected a mold issue in their home causing health issues. Dr. Quigley stated in an interview:

“I actually have a daughter who is susceptible to mold, she doesn’t process mold very well, and there was a funky smell in her bedroom. I had the ducts cleaned, and there wasn’t a significant difference and she kept coughing at night and in the early morning. I decided to call MonoFoil…after he came out and sprayed, everything smelled fresh and that was probably 3 months ago, and the smell hasn’t come back. And her cough has actually gone away as well.”

Our application service utilizes various technologies that when applied to a home after mold remediation, prevent and protect against future outbreaks. To ensure homeowners feel most confident in our service, we even provide the industry’s only 2-Year Mold Protection Warranty on every treated home. We issue a decal that can be placed on the front window of the home to prove it.

The next steps to take are to visit our website and request a free estimate, where we will call everyone directly to discuss individual circumstances and needs. Taking this step is vital to ensure families feel safer than they knew they could at home after getting remediated of mold. The last thing anyone wants is to deal with the stress of a second mold outbreak, when easy preparations could have been made to prevent such a scenario. Find a Clear Way to Protect with MonoFoil Pro Services and maintain the happy, healthy home everyone wants and needs.

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