New home construction is a lengthy process, and because of this time commitment, the materials used for buildings are at risk for many different issues.

One of these major issues is mold infiltrating the home as it is being built. As a new home is put up, it is open to the elements, and that exposure is a perfect time for mold to come in to the equation.

New home construction mold can cause major damage to the structure of the home, and can result in extensive remediation costs.

Access to a one-step protection from mold during new home construction is vital to keeping the pace of building on track as well as eliminating future remediation costs. MonoFoil Pro Services provides the only sustainable solution to mold issues such as these, and provides the industry’s only 2-year Certified Mold Warranty with our application service.



The primary reason for mold growth during a construction project is uncontrolled moisture incursion in the form of liquid flow, condensation, high humidity and/or capillary action that dampens building materials. Inspections for moisture incursion and a quick response are necessary, as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other sources have indicated that mold growth can start in as little as 24 to 48 hours after building materials become wet.

Some major causes of mold growth during construction include:

  • Site Issues: poor site drainage, inadequate building protection, water buildup in basements and crawlspaces, and stored building materials that get wet.

  • Product Issues: primarily wood members with “lumber yard” or sap-stain molds.

  • Procedural Issues: the “shrug it off and build it” mentality when moisture incursion occurs.

  • Design Issues: design flaws or construction defects that allow moisture incursion

Of all the causes for mold in new construction, the basement is most often the culprit. Pouring a foundation requires industry experience, but even the best builders can run into trouble.

Insulating studs and installing vapor barriers before a poured foundation dries can trap condensation inside walls. A foundation capped during construction downtime often develops moisture buildup on boards over flooring joists. These boards pose even more new house mold problems if they’re reused when construction resumes. Basements with no insulation below first story sub-flooring can create a moist environment that feeds mold.

There are other structural issues with new homes that can result in mold infestations.

Early home building phases leave framing and sub-flooring exposed to weather and fluctuating humidity. Modern houses are built for energy efficiency, but tight construction doesn’t allow interiors to breathe. Additional bathrooms, hot tubs and even sprinkler systems increase the risk of plumbing mishaps.

The cost impacts when mold growth occurs during construction can be huge. A recent settlement in California for roof leaks was made for $33,000, and an $11.5 million claim was made against an architect, construction manager and subcontractors in Florida.



With MonoFoil Pro Services you can mitigate these future costs due to mold damage with our complete application service that will warranty each home for 2 years. Applying our patented nanopolymer technology to houses at key points during the construction process will ensure mold won’t affect your building materials even when exposed to the elements.

Our technology bonds to the surface treated, creating an active barrier against mold, odor-causing bacteria, and other dangerous microbes. Put your homes ahead of the competition with our MonoFoil Pro Services 2-Year Mold Protection Warranty. We understand the stress of dealing with these issues after the fact, and want to provide you with the most effective and sustainable solution possible.

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