Home And Business Services

MonoFoil Pro Services offers protection from mold and odor without harmful chemicals.


What's Included

  • Full-service mold and odor removal application
  • Professional, state-licensed technicians

How it Works

  • Eliminates mold and odor
  • Adds a protective barrier to keep mold from coming back
  • Uses no harmful chemicals

What to Expect

  • Schedule a free estimate
  • Treatment takes less than two hours
  • Your space is clean, odorless, and mold-free

Residential Services

Find out how to protect your home with MonoFoil Pro Services for homeowners.

Eliminate Mold and Odors

Bad smells and dangerous spores disappear

Create A Protective Barrier

Barrier technology continues to protect your family long after treatment

Commercial Services

Find out more about MonoFoil Pro Services for your commercial property. We work with home builders, property owners, realtors, restaurants and bars, hospitals, public transit, schools and more!

Protect Your Property

Keep your property safe from mold

Keep More Business

Eliminate the smells that turn buyers off

Did You Know...

The Walt Disney Company uses MonoFoil to treat their parks, restaurants, sidewalks and all outdoor surfaces for mold growth