Virus & Odor Removal Services and Mold Remediation for Your Home

Viruses, mold, allergens, and other harmful microbes are hiding in your family’s home. 

Common Causes of Viruses, Mold & Odor



Water leaks


You Deserve A Safe Space For Your Family

How do you know that your home is an unhealthy space? You might have noticed that the family is constantly combating illness or fatigue. Maybe as soon as the HVAC kicks on, your kids start coughing. Viruses and Mold may be invisible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. MonoFoil can help you create a safer, healthier, virus & mold-free home.

Virus & Odor Removal Services

MonoFoil Pro Services removes viruses & odors at the source. Bathrooms, basements, pet areas, garbage disposals–MonoFoil can handle any issue your home can produce within minutes of treatment.

Mold Remediation

MonoFoil Pro Services eliminates mold from your home and creates a barrier of protection that keeps it from coming back. Mold remediation can help improve your family’s health, up your home’s resale value, and get rid of musty smells.

Eliminates Viruses, Mold and Odors

MonoFoil Pro Services uses innovative technologies that quickly and safely eliminate viruses, mold and odor from your home.

Forms Microscopic Barrier

MonoFoil Pro Services uses innovative technologies that create a barrier between your home and harmful microbes.

Uses No Harmful Chemicals

We use no harmful chemicals in our products, making it completely safe to use, even with children and pets.

"I have a daughter who is susceptible to mold and she kept coughing at night. I decided to call MonoFoil and that funky smell in her room, after they came in and sprayed was gone. That was three months ago her cough has gone away too."

Julie Quigley, Ph.D. | Homeowner

MonoFoil Pro Services Protects Hard and Soft Surfaces Inside and Outside Your Home

Unpleasant smells can be frustrating, especially if you can’t find the source. Do you have a musty smell somewhere in your home that you just can’t get rid of? Are you tired of cleaning products that just don’t work? Our professionals will erase the smell by eliminating the source with our virus, mold and odor removal services.


Where's That Odor Coming From?

  • Odors that come from damp areas may be caused by mold
  • Household air fresheners only mask smells and cannot eliminate them

How Can Mold Affect Your Family?

  • Mold can cause breathing conditions, such as asthma, to worsen
  • Children have more severe reactions to mold
  • Harsh chemicals, like bleach, only temporarily resolve your mold issues

The Technologies Behind MonoFoil Pro Services

Other virus, mold & odor removal services use harsh chemicals that risk not just damaging your belongings, but only solve the issue temporarily. When you use MonoFoil Pro Services, your home will be treated with unique technologies that  eliminate mold and odor. 

1. A MonoFoil professional treats all areas of your home

2. Viruses, Mold and odors are eliminated on contact

1. A MonoFoil professional treats all areas of your home

2. Viruses, mold and odors are eliminated on contact

3. A protective barrier stops mold and odor from coming back

Find Out What Dangerous Chemicals Are Under Your Sink

Common household cleaners contain chemicals that are proven to have negative effects on your health. Download our free ebook for a checklist of harmful agents that may be in your current cleaning supplies.

Common Questions We Hear From Home Owners About Our Virus, Mold and Odor Removal Services

Do I need to clean my house before treatment?
There is no need to pick up or move furniture as MonoFoil can be sprayed on any and all surfaces. However, a light wipe down of surfaces can help MonoFoil coat surfaces thoroughly.
How soon can I re-enter my home after a treatment?
For maximum efficacy, it is recommended that MonoFoil be allowed to dry for half an hour after a spray. An average application takes an hour, so we suggest customers step out for a total of 1.5 hours while MonoFoil is sprayed and drying.
Can MonoFoil Pro Services treat outdoor areas?
Yes. MonoFoil works great outdoors and is perfect for brick patios and areas around pools or hot tubs.
MonoFoil was just applied, but it looks like nothing has happened. Is it working?
Rest assured that MonoFoil has instantly destroyed mold on a cellular level, and is guarding against the growth of new harmful microbes. If the mold was causing an odor, that odor will be gone immediately, but there still may be stains that can be removed through scrubbing or repainting.
How often should MonoFoil be applied?
It is recommended that MonoFoil be applied quarterly (every 90 days) for maximum efficacy. Though MonoFoil protects undisturbed surfaces indefinitely, high traffic areas require maintenance.
How much does MonoFoil Pro Services Cost?
Every home is different and the cost of MonoFoil Pro Services depends on the size of a home and the unique needs of the customer. A specially trained and certified Pro Services team member will visit your property and give you a free estimate.
How do I get started?
If you’re ready to get started with MonoFoil Pro Services or find out more, click here to schedule a free estimate or give a call at (765) 203-2304.

Unmatched Performance in the World’s Toughest Environments

MonoFoil Pro Services is revolutionizing the way people think about the elimination of odor and harmful microbes.


Mold Free

MonoFoil Pro Services was used in 400+ homes that were flooded with ocean and sewage water after Hurricane Katrina. To date, these homes remain 100% mold-free.

MRSA Cases

Before the application of MonoFoil, Marian University students and staff suffered more than 20 cases of MRSA a year. Since the use of MonoFoil, no further cases of MRSA have been discovered.

Minutes Or Less

The L.A. Metropolitan Transportation system tried everything to get rid of urine smells with no success, until they took a chance on MonoFoil. Within minutes of the application of MonoFoil, the odor vanished entirely.

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