Eliminate Mold & Odor From Your Life…Forever

It’s easy to have MonoFoil Pro Services’ revolutionary, patented cleaning technology professionally applied to your home.




2 Year No-Mold Warranty

Wouldn’t Life Be Better Without…

  • Embarrassing odors when guests arrive

  • Wasting money on cleaning products and services that don’t work or work briefly

  • Cleaning with chemicals that are harmful to pets and children

  • Worrying about the health effects of mold

Think about all the places mold and odor form in your home:

Carpets • Pet Areas • Counters

Basements • Upholstery • Floors

Nurseries and More

  • Carpets
  • Pet Areas
  • Counters
  • Basements
  • Upholstery
  • Floors
  • Nurseries
  • And More

Now think about a guaranteed service that can eliminate and protect against mold and odor in all of those places for years. Sound good?

Safe. Powerful. Long-lasting.

Once MonoFoil is sprayed on a surface mold and odor are eliminated. An invisible protective barrier shields the surface from mold and odor returning as long as the barrier exists. Our revolutionary mold remediation and odor removal services are guaranteed to work.

Don’t destroy your environment. Protect it.

We’re homeowners, parents and pet owners just like you. We hate the idea of destroying our family’s living environment with toxic chemicals to keep it clean. We started MonoFoil Pro Services to solve real health problems and with a commitment to safety and sustainability. Our technology is unique and you can only get it here. There’s nothing else like MonoFoil Pro Services.

At MonoFoil Pro
Services We:

Follow CDC and Indoor Environments Division Guidelines
Manufacture our technology ourselves to ensure the best quality and functionality
Are trusted by hospitals, government agencies, universities, and elite sports teams

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Did You Know...

The Walt Disney Company uses MonoFoil to treat their parks, restaurants, sidewalks and all outdoor surfaces for mold growth

Revolutionary Technology Mold And Odor Fear

Ditch the harmful chemicals and embrace science. MonoFoil Pro Services was created to safely eliminate harmful microbes like mold. Using patented technology that molecularly bonds to treated surfaces, a sustainable barrier protects surfaces like carpets, counters, tile, upholstery, wood, and more. Products are safe to use in nurseries, pet areas, kitchens, play rooms, and other areas throughout the home. Science for the win!

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