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10 Dangerous Chemicals You Probably Have Under Your Sink

Most of us don’t realize just how toxic the products we’re cleaning with really are. In an effort to get rid of odor, mold, and germs, many people resort to products that are just as harmful as the microbes they are trying to combat. Do your trusted household products contain questionable chemicals? Download our free checklist to find out.

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Don’t Put Your Family At Risk

The dangers of chemicals used in many cleaning products are scientifically proven and serious.


Chemicals in household cleaning agents are known to:
Cause Cancer
Trigger Asthma Attacks
Disrupt the Endocrine System and Lower Sperm Count


We use no harmful chemicals in our products, making it completely safe to use, even with children and pets.


Our unique technology destroys mold and neutralizes odors at their source. 


MonoFoil Pro Services creates a barrier between your home and harmful microbes.

MonoFoil Pro Services Guarantees It’s Services For 2 Years

We’re so confident in our services that we’ll guarantee them for two years. Let us help you free your home of mold and odor today, risk-free.

Did You Know...

MonoFoil Pro Services uses EPA and hospital certified technologies that are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and non-leeching

Find Out If You Are Using Dangerous Chemicals

Download our free checklist today to put your household cleaning products to the test.